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PW Certified Garden Center Program
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Proven Winners® Certified Program is FREE!

Our Certified Retailer program is a FREE employee education course for independently owned garden centers in the U.S. & Canada.  Click here for more information.

What is Proven Winners® Certified?

Proven Winners® is dedicated to helping your garden center increase sales and make the most of our relationship with gardeners. That's why we've developed Proven Winners® Certified, a program that educates your employees on the important roles they play, and provides your garden center with unique marketing tools and information to grow your business.  Find out what's involved.

Improved Productivity, Sales, & Service

Proven Winners®' commitment to independents extends to every aspect of their business. We believe motivated employees who know the products and understand the importance of customer service are a retailer's greatest asset. However, according to industry studies:

  • Annual turnover rates for independent retailers are as high as 90 percent.
  • More than 60 percent of all garden center employees work part-time or on a seasonal basis.
  • Less than 35 percent of independent retailers provide their staff with any formal training in plant care.